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The ❤️Heart❤️ Of The Home

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Do you consider the kitchen or the living room to be the “heart of the home?”

I spent most of my elementary school days at my Grandmother’s home. I have very fond memories of watching Grandmother and helping her in the kitchen. She made nearly everything from scratch (at least that’s how I remember it).

We had many Sunday dinners with my cousins at her cozy kitchen table, where she also curled and braided my hair to get ready for school. I watched her bottle peaches, pears, beets, homemade pickles, and many other things.

is the kitchen the heart of the home?
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The smell of homemade bread baking in the oven floods my mind with memories. Memories of standing around Grandmother’s little cutting board with my brothers, waiting for a warm slice! So, it may come as no surprise that I feel strongly that the kitchen is the heart of our home.

I also have fond memories of my mom’s kitchen, as well as my in-laws. Time spent together with family is priceless.

In my research on this subject, I found that some believe the living room has become the heart of most homes. Americans have become increasingly busy, and are spending less time preparing home-cooked meals, and more time eating takeout.

is the dining room the heart of the home?
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Some people even feel that home-cooked meals are indulgent! Spending time and money on them seems like a luxury. I have to say, I find the opposite to be true.

A study conducted by the ‘National Center on Addictions and Substance Abuse’ at Columbia University found that children who eat home-cooked meals with their parents five or more days a week perform better in school, eat healthier, have better family relationships and are less likely to have trouble with drugs and alcohol.

As a parent, this alone seems reason enough to make family meals a priority! My husband and I are fortunate that family meals were a big part of our upbringing, so it has been an important tradition to continue with our children. It’s not always easy trying to herd the boys to the dinner table, and some days it doesn’t work out as planned.

is the living room the heart of the home?
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My family also spends a lot of time together in the living room. I believe both rooms have great contributions to the actual heart of the home. Modern open concept homes are a perfect example of how both rooms can be combined to create “the heart of the home”.

Whether you consider the living room, the kitchen, or a combination of both to be the heart of your home, keep me in mind if you are thinking of buying or selling. I would love the opportunity to help 😊

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